2 in 1 Wheel Ab Roller & Resistance Bands

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Product Description:

*1. Rotate knee brace, adjustable elastic rope, up to 40 sports styles, this AB roller has more sports than ordinary products and better fitness effect. develop dynamic core strength-ability to strengthen the entire muscle.

*2.In a shorter period of time, get more abdominal exercise by moving the plug. Abdominal muscles, back muscles, arm muscles, shoulder muscles, thigh muscles and gluteus muscles are trained at the same time! Do a comprehensive physical transformation.

*3. The design effect of rotating knee protection can achieve the effect of waist closing, buttocks lifting, chest lifting, thin legs, body repair, strengthening physique and strengthening resistance.

*4. The pedal and handle are made of TPR foam, which are more elastic and soft and light in hand to avoid the pain caused by accidental collision.

Product parameters:

Product name: multifunctional puller double wheel healthy web wheel

Material: PP / ABS.

Diameter: 12cm

Color: pink and blue (optional)

Scope of application: fitness and slimming

Features: Thin-leg, small, small and portable

Packing list:

Abdomen building wheel * 1