Premium Resistance Bands Set

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This product used Upgrade anti-broken sleeve webbing,will be More load-bearing!


1.MUCH HEAVIER RESISTANCE-Resistance from 10 LBs to 30 LBs, bands can be used alone or stacked. Heavier bands with max tension compared with similar workout bands. The metal carabiners on the resistance strap enable to create the perfect challenge for every muscle group.

2.ANTI-SNAP DOUBLE PROTECTION - Build with high quality protective Nylon sleeve which prevents the resistance tube from being damaged, provide maximum resistance and give you the best fitness experience.

3.FITTNESS ANYWHERE - Lots of potential for different workouts with these fitness and these exercise cords are perfect for exercise, fitness, pilates, strength training.

4.Suitable for any fitness level: Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the multiple resistance and multiple clip system means that you can adjust the intensity of the resistance band exercise to suit your personal goals. Great for styling quadriceps, hips, hips, chest, Abdominals, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs and knees

5.Versatile and portable: Our band can be adapted to all types of sports. Also comes with a convenient travel bag. You can also take the band to the gym, office or even exercise vacation


Size: Bands length 120cm

Package included:

5 * Resistance Bands

2 * Handles

2 * Ankle Strap

1 * Door Anchor

1 * Carry Bag